Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Your trusted advisor

Relationship Management consists of Client Relationship Management and Expert Relationship Management.

Client Relationship Management

Many of our clients remark about the “family feel” of our firm and our offices. By maintaining a strong relationship, we assure that we understand your evolving financial needs. It is important that we are aware of any and all changes in your financial goals and desires.

Expert Relationship Management

Equally important is managing the relationships between you, RAM, and our mutual team of experts. We work closely with any advisors you wish to retain, as well as those we choose together, in order for us to orchestrate the team's focus on the decisions and solutions most beneficial to you.

One of the Wealth Management Services RAM Financial Group makes available to our clients is our Account Aggregation tool. We offer you 24/7 access to your daily updated balances of all of your accounts, whether held with us or elsewhere. This service includes our Virtual Vault for storing your important documents, such as wills, deeds, contracts, and estate plans. With your approval, we can even temporarily open portions of the site to your team of advisors for remote collaboration, in order to further facilitate and coordinate these relationships.