Offering you an Alternative Approach

An Alternative Investment Approach:

RAM Financial Group has years of experience managing traditional brokerage accounts. Over the numerous cycles of Bull and Bear Markets, we have developed a more diversified strategy of investing which can help mitigate the systemic risks of the stock markets. Our Alternative Investment Policy maintains liquidity through equity investments, while combining the stability and predictability of longer-term Alternative Investments, which have zero to low correlation to movements in the stock markets. We find this strategy to be much more effective at maintaining and growing assets than traditional “Buy and Hold” strategies.

RAM Financial Group Investment Approach

Leasing & Lending

We invest with companies that purchase "Mission Critical Equipment" and then lease that equipment to well performing businesses in carefully chosen industries. One of the appeals of these types of programs is the ability for investors to collect a steady stream of rental income from the leased equipment. In most cases you also realize additional income from re-leasing or selling the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Real Estate

The majority of our Real Estate investments come in a vehicle called a Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Each REIT tends to be in a specialized sector (healthcare, Class A apartments, self storage, etc.) and is composed of some of the better properties in the better areas of growing cities. We carefully choose which REITs to participate in after months of due diligence and examination of the management team. We occasionally use a Limited Partnership (LP) to invest in a specialized piece of Real Estate.

Oil & Gas

Almost all of our Oil and Gas investments are onshore, developmental, multi-well projects (15-30 wells). Developmental drilling is done close to existing, productive sites, which means that new wells have a good likelihood of being productive as well. One of the most attractive features of investing in Oil and Gas is the tax benefits. There is enormous political and economic pressure to increase the amount of oil and gas produced in the United States, which is why Congress provides major federal tax advantages to encourage investment in domestic drilling of both types. 

Stocks and Bonds

Your advisor at RAM Financial Group is not solely a “Relationship Manager.” We actively manage traditional brokerage accounts utilizing stop-losses to lock in your gains and help limit any losses. We encourage you to ask our existing clients how we alerted them to move out of the stock markets well before the recent collapse. For information on our current outlook and holdings, please contact us today.

Alternative Approach

At RAM Financial Group we offer our clients an alternative approach to the common mistake of investing completely or primarily in the stock and bond markets. To the left is a sample of our Alternative Approach to Investing. Each asset class consists of highly diversified investments which have been selected after considerable due diligence. Hover your mouse over an asset class for a brief description.

Leasing & Lending Real Estate Oil & Gas Stocks & Bonds

*The above chart is shown for illustrative purposes only. Actual asset allocation is always constructed after assessing each individual investor’s needs, preferences, risk tolerance, and time horizon. This approach is designed to spread risk using diversification and increased tax advantages, while simultaneously seeking to increase returns.

Why has my broker not approached me with these Alternative Investments?

One of the reasons most large brokerages don’t offer our Diversified Approach and Alternative Investment Strategy is, simply stated, it's a lot more work for the broker. We assure you that this diversification approach takes more time, experience, expertise and due diligence to construct, implement and monitor than does the typical "Buy and Hold" asset allocation strategy.

“Sleep Factor”

Our Alternative Investment Policy provides a considerable "sleep factor" - the peace of mind that comes from knowing your entire portfolio is much less susceptible to dramatic drops in value that can be caused by terrorism or other fear-inducing global events that are totally out of your control. Our approach is designed to help you feel secure no matter how the markets are behaving.*


As representatives of an independent mid-sized broker/dealer, we are not pressured to force-feed our clients any proprietary products.  RAM’s broad offering of Alternative Investments and carefully screened Private Placements is designed to deliver our clients very robust diversification using investments not correlated to the stock and bond markets.

At RAM Financial Group, we go the extra mile because we are dedicated to your success, and to delivering you an experience beyond your expectations.

*Of course there can be no guarantee that these objectives will be met. Alternative Investments can involve risks including loss of principal amount invested.