Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Preserving your wealth for charity and future generations.

Along the journey of life you experience all sorts of taxes; income taxes, property taxes, and sales tax. If during this period you are one of the fortunate ones able to accumulate enough wealth to have a taxable estate, you have yet to experience the heftiest tax of all. The Estate Tax is designed for the IRS to seize about half of your wealth, in cash, within 9 months of your death. The tax-free benefits of our Estate Plan allow your heirs to pay the tax when due, without having to liquidate the ranch, business, or other assets.

At RAM Financial Group, we understand that every person is unique so our Estate Planning services are tailored to the needs and desires of each client. We customize a solution for you to assure that your assets pass to whom you wish, when you wish, and how you wish, and that the whole process is done in the most tax and cost-efficient manner.

The stewardship of the financial results of your life's work is important enough to review periodically. Even the best Estate Plans of a few years past may now be improved and enhanced. You may wish to take advantage of our complimentary Estate Plan Review.

At RAM Financial Group, we serve as educators, facilitators, coordinators, and motivators to help you implement the right Estate Plan for you and your family. We work closely with you and your other advisors to ensure the plan fulfills all aspects of your desires. If you prefer, we can introduce you to our team of experts designated for Estate Planning, such as estate and trust attorneys, tax attorneys, CPAs and accountants.

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